mini soft taco, tarikihi ceviche, avocado & asian herbs
korean sesame beef, crunchy slaw slider
chicken, celery & almond finger sandwich with rocket
champagne ham, vintage cheese & baby cress on mini croissant
chickpea fritter, harissa & avocado puree (gf)
baby quiche lorraine (vege version available)
chorizo potato & herb frittata (gf)
sushi squares (alternating filling) (gf)
spiced prawn & fine cut vegetable rice paper roll (vege or meat version available) (gf)
tiny bagel, smoked salmon, mascarpone, baby herbs

white bean & lemon
roasted beetroot & red onion
fetta & black olive
Sold itemised and served with tortilla toasts seasoned with sumac 

red wine & rosemary cocktail steak pies
grilled mushroom, capsicum & haloumi skewers (v, gf)
layered sweet potato, parmesan & basil (v, gf)
cherry tomato, pancetta & mozzarella mini pizza (vege version available)
cheesy risotto ballsfried buttermilk & mustard chicken wings
APC’s teriyaki chicken, skewered (gf)
greek style meatballs with tzatziki (gf)

(gf) Gluten Free (v) Vegetarian

Basic Service: Hot &/or Cold items delivered cold with heating instruction (as necessary), from $40.
Full Service: Delivered hot with catering personnel to serve, clean-up, from $40 + $25/hr catering personnel (minimum 4 hours).
Please let us know ahead of time of any food concerns, allergies or preferences so we can adapt our menu to the specific needs of your group.To keep you and your food safe, all food is delivered chilled unless Full Service is requested. Once the food is delivered it is your responsibility to keep all food refrigerated until consumed or ready to heat.

A minimum of 20 guests are required to order from this menu. We purchase our food based on seasonality, some items may not be available or may be subject to price change. You will be notified of any changes. All prices are exclusive of GST.